Monday, January 11, 2016

A bubble bar is a thing of beauty....

Late last night I found myself soaping and even later last night I wasn't quite sleepy enough for bed or alert enough to make more soap.  I'd been putting off the bubble bar thing for a while - wanting to add it to the line up of soapy goodnes, but not very fond of the ingredients.  It's a powdery blend of sneezy, itchy, coughy have to wear a face mask stuff and I am not a fan of face masks.  But....just....BUBBLES!!!!  And let's not forget here at the ranch we are "tub-less".  Shower yes - we have a nice little shower (little being the key word) but tub NO.  NO bath tub.  Hence bubbles in lasting, floating on the water form not washing off as you scrub the days dirt away have not been a priority for me.  But oh how I do so love a good bath (generally only on the rare instances when we travel and the motel room has a tub). So back at the first of the year I ordered the ingredients to make bubble bars.....
And I am in LOVE!!!!
Needless to say when I was sitting here doing the math I massively UNDER ordered one CRUCIAL ingredient - you know, the one I CANNOT find locally, the one that makes the stinkin' fabulous bubbles!  In the words of Pepe Le Pew... "Le Sigh".....
And while it stinks that all I could make was 3 batches of this solid bath time delight there is NOTHING stinky about these bubble bars!  Those yellow/blue creations smell SO DARN GOOD!  I shall call that one "Tan Lines" (as the name from my supplier is kinda tacky) and it totes reminds me of Hawaiin Tropic Suntan Oil!  Fruity, with a touch of spice and vanilla....mmmmm.....that one sticks with you and leaves you have and cheerful ALL day!

Here we have Southern Belle
Southern Belle is our popular fave from last spring - bringing it back this year - a blend of peaches, raspberries and magnolias that has just a hint of floral freshness with a pinch of fruity sweetness that is SO wonderful!  Perfect lady like scent - clean and bright and makes you smile.
What bath time ritual is complete without Lavender???
Since I only had enough ingredients for 3 batches I went with Lavender for the 3rd - it's the perfect bedtime soak in my opinion, lavender always leaves me relaxed and ready to snooze.  Ironically it was the last one I made before I went to sleep last night too haha!

And look at those frothy, foamy, floaty fun BUBBLES!!!
Seriously though - that tiny bit of left over crumbs in the first pic filled up that one gallon bowl with PLENTY of bubbles and would have made more but I ran out of room for water in the bowl.  And the third picture I snapped after like 20+ minutes no less!  These bubbles LAST! 

Now....I'm not a big "recipe passer-outer" and honestly this recipe is NOT one I created!  So I can't share that but I CAN say there are TONS of really good recipes and tutorials out there in internet land.  Google away, do some research, order up your supplies and make some bubble bars!  It's like play-doh for grown ups and it smells good while you're making them. This is one thing that does NOT have goat milk in it!  Tried a couple different ways and thus far I was just not pleased with the performance....I'll keep trying from time to time as ideas hit me to incorporate it into the product.  But for now it's a milk free fun thing and that's okay too.

If you would rather just order solid bubble bath than make it that's fine too!  Accepting pre-orders on this limited bunch (nothing ships out until Monday 1/18) on our online store here.   You can also message me on our Facebook page to get an invoice emailed to you as well. go clean up the rest of the mess I left behind when that lavender put me to sleep.....

ETA:  Little side note here....unlike bath FIZZIES (which do crazy fizzy things in my humid little house) these are MUCH better behaved for me!  BUT....stay tuned for potential fizziness in the another new gizmo coming ;)


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