Monday, January 18, 2016

Take a Leap!

It's a Leap Year!!!!  Do you know what that means???  EVERY MONTH has a 29th day!!!  Yeah...I know....crazy amount of excitement over something kinda simple huh?  But see, I have a reason....

For myself - and any one else who wants to join in - I am posting the "Leap Year" challenge.  On the 29th day of each month (hence why leap year is important cause without it February wouldn't have 29 days right?  Anyways....) on the 29th day of each month or close to it I challenge myself to "take a leap".  It can be a leap of faith, leap into something new and different in my soap, leap off the couch and get something completed I have had on hold for a get the point right? Posting this one a little early so my faithful followers can tag along and have a chance to gear up and join in too!

When I realized it was a leap year I felt like doing something a little special - and I realized at the same time I am the queen of the "90% Club".  I get about 90% of many projects done and never finish them - just done enough that is to function.  I'll be posting reminders (as I remember) on instagram @nlrsoaps and on my Facebook page

So what does 2016 have in store in terms of my own personal Leaps?  Well I was thinking somewhere along the lines of this:

  • January - Leap into Bubble Bars - I have had many requests for bubble bars and bath fizzies and while I've made a few and done some test runs they just haven't held my attention like the soap has ( I LOVE making soap but not always the other products as much) so January I will be leaping into that commitment.
  • February - Leap into Fresh Booth Set Up - I've got this thing about reworking the booth for craft shows and keeping the set up simple yet fresh every year so this year I will be rebuilding and redesigning several elements
  • March - Leap into Cheesy Goodness - I don't make cheese products for resale BUT I do make them for the house and by March there will be plenty of milk to go around so I will be expanding my cheese making skills this year....because edible yummies are just as much fun as soap sometimes!
  • April - Leap into the Garden - Prayers said HOPEFULLY this year will not be so dang wet and rainy that I won't be able to get outside and get to gardening!  April is set aside for some fun outdoorsy projects because a girl needs to get her hands a little dirty from time to time in order to test her soaps right?
  • May - Leap into Masculine Type Products - I have had requests for man type goodies (and made a few in small batches) but I really want to add a decent line up of male skin care before Father's Day arrives so I'll probably cheat and start on this one early.....
  • June - Leap into TRAVEL! - Fingers crossed, I REALLY want to get away and visit with my West Coast Peeps....ain't been there literally in YEARS!  So maybe, just MAYBE I will dare to be gone for a while...we will see.....
  • July - Leap into CHRISTMAS! - Every year I start planning Christmas season for the soap in the summer and every year I fall behind and end up scrambling a bit.  This year I REALLY want to stick with it haha!
  • August - Leap into Organization - I keep a fairly tidy cluttered house during Christmas season mostly because I drop the ball on my organization, this year I hope to tackle that sooner and not let go.
  • September - Leap into Balms and Butters - this year I want to add a good line up of body butters and balms with natural type aspects, I've done it in the past and dropped the ball so I would like to take the calmer month of September, once I am ahead on soap that is, and fiddle around with that some.
  • October - Leap of Faith - by October show season is really starting to roll along and I tend to forget to take a little time for me and know, quiet reflective, calm down and slow your roll time?  So October I will be sure to stop and breath.....I need to remember to do that!
  • November and December......due to Christmas Season I'm not sure 100% that I'll be able to remember Leaping into my blogging maybe?  Or leaping my rear to the post office in a timely fashion with orders?  Not sure....I'll tackle that when I get there haha!
Who else is making plans to make 2016 a better year?  Share away....maybe give someone else an idea they hadn't pondered yet to ponder!  I'll be Leaping my way through 2016 and having a blast, I just know it!  I mean, come on, we even have an extra day to achieve our goals on so it must be a good year in the works right?

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