Friday, January 1, 2016

I'm Baaa---aaackkk!!!! (Plus Change is a-coming!)

WOW!  I can't believe it has literally been years since I posted on the blog pages! I guess that's what happens when life grabs a hold of you and you grab back and run with it right?  The soap business sprouted a mind of it's own, the farm critters have always had a mind of their own, and between the 2 I haven't sat down much.  Plus, I learned how to "facebook" and that my friends became quite the little time sucking vampire adventure in internet shenanigans (even though I dearly love all of my FB friends) for a long while. Not connected on facebook?  NadaLottaRanch Bath Works is where you can find me so be sure to come join in!

I also "learned" how to "insta" on instagram in 2015!  As a bright yet oft times tech challenged person this was a HUGE and exciting thing for my old self hahah!  You can find us there @nlrsoaps and follow along with the farm and soap adventures and random personal stuffs as well :) So now, with those 2 bits of exciting tech type stuffs under my belt I am back to blogging......

I'm taking a break from farm chores this morning and setting some goals for myself that I have had in mind for nearly a year now! Rumor is if you put something in writing you're a tad more likely to follow it....we.shall.see.  But hey, it's worth a shot right?  So here goes:

  1. Post on blogs again!  No really - it's cool to be able to share things as "notes" via the facebook page but I really need to get back to proper blog posting I think...tis time....
  2. NO MORE ITP SWIRLS!!!!  ITP = In The Pot and somehow, some way I got myself positively hooked on ITP swirls in my soap in 2015....and while it is a beautiful and lovely technique I am seeing some new soap designs that I MUST try! Okay...well....maybe a FEW itp swirls....I do so love the delicate swirl I get with them.....
  3. New Scents Coming and a Fabulous Florals Line! Seriously though, once again, I found myself only making the same ol' stuff during 2015 with only 1 new scent added all year...and that's kinda sad and boring folks.  Don't worry - all the faves are staying - but I want to add some limited edition type stuffs and branch out a tad in the product line up.  I've worked on some projects in 2014 that I should have rolled out in 2015 and I was distracted depressed (mostly by the horrible weather in TX this last year - so much rain and mud to fight I just lost hope for a while) so I'm not letting the rain get me down any longer! Watch for new things to pop up this year in many different ways.
  4. New soaping videos will be posted!  I still don't have a "nice" video's in the works however....but more videos, more tips and tricks, more sharing of info will be happening.  For a while I was so wrapped up in my own troubles (read # 3 above - seriously folks, the rain and resulting mud was a drag!) that I got away from that and I mean to get back to it. 
  5. Better set up for my wholesale peeps!  There has to be a better way to work the wholesale angle and I am getting's coming and if you are interested in becoming a wholesaler holler at me and we'll get you going with the current plan.  Working on a better set up though...more streamlined and such....
  6. Non-Soapy but still skin care related things to come......bath bombs, lip balms reworked, scrubs....seriously expanding the line one product at a time this year instead of falling back on the same ol' products....stay tuned.....maybe even some non-skincare related things to come....
I think these 6 goals will keep me busy in, you know, life might do that too!  Happy New Year and may YOUR 2016 be as fabulous as I hope mine is from NadaLottaRanch!


  1. Wishing you all the best in achieving all of these goals. I loved reading the blog and look forward to following you through all of the new things you roll out!. Happy new year!

    1. You have NO idea how much I love hearing from you! You're like the most encouraging, best ideas, creative, loving soul I think I know Miss Beverly!!! I hope to keep it up and keep brilliant, productive, crafty art stuffs happening all year long for everyone :)