Friday, January 8, 2016

The Road to Getting your OWN Goat Milk for soaps.....a kidding season check list....

Sooooo....this is my "soap" blog but I also focus primarily on goat milk products.  Products made with milk from my very own goats.  This leads to the fact that MANY people out there are either curious about the farming angle involved OR are on a similar farming journey.  In my eyes, the goats tie into the soap very strongly and so I will be sharing some goaty info here - I know I have a "farm" blog but yet I am not sure I have time to differentiate between the two.  Especially since in life there is very little difference for myself.

Cute little buggers aren't they?  Without them there would be no milk.....but they are a bit of work.....a few facts:

Fact #1 - If you want your own goat milk, you need a doe "in milk". In milk is like shorthand for lactating and producing milk (which comes from udders - NOT utters - and is whole 'nother blog post I'm sure).

Fact #2 - If you want a doe "in milk" she needs to "kid" first. To Kid - or "kidding" is the shorthand for giving birth, making babies and having them pop right out and BOOM there you go doe in milk, kids on ground.  Not quite that simple, but for today's post it is.

Fact #3 - You should be prepared BEFORE kids are born and learn as much as you can BEFORE the doe goes into labor.  DO NOT wait until she's pushing to start googling!

Fact #4 - Goats are pregnant for about 145-155 days....yeah...that's right.... FIVE MONTHS to learn and prepare and STILL some people just don't get it and wait.....

This brings me to my point today folks:  LEARN THE BASICS OF EVERYTHING YOU DO BEFORE YOU DO IT!  This applies to soap AND goats - you can wing it a little, we all do from time to time.  But for real - for real, for real - I think it might be time to start a segment called "Factual Friday" or maybe "Farm Facts Friday" for the curious bunch and the bunch wishing to from here on out that is the plan!

With kidding season upon us it's time to share....and share I will :) Be ready for "Farm Facts Fridays" kinda days to pop up here!

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