Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bath "stuffs" 1 - Me 0! see the score....bleh :(  Last weekend my niece was over, and we decided since I had the fixin's on hand and it's an easy project for a young teen to try that we would experiment with "bath melts'.  Yeah, I know, it's getting too hot almost for all that and yeah, I know it REALLY shouldn't be that hard...yeah...BLEH I said!

Gave a few recipes a go before all was said and done and popped them in the freezer - where they were PROMPTLY forgotten about once we discovered the cookies'n'cream ice cream in there!  Can you say "easily sidetracked" oh yes, that would be me :)  Just a trio of small batches mind you, nothing major...experimental stages and all....

I remembered them Friday when it was dark and I had literally NOTHING to do for lack of electricity that day AND the fact it was still way too soggy to go out side...I unmolded them easily enough...I set them on a rack to thaw a bit...and they were forgotten again...

Whilst passing through the kitchen a few hours later, pacing the house in search of SOMETHING to do with myself they were for the second time rediscovered and OH NO! Oh MAN! OH BABY THEY WERE MELTING!  Yes, melting, OOZING through the rack!  A few gloppy gooey drips of bath melt had hit the counter was a bath melt tragedy!  The worst part - we don't have a TUB!!!! If I had a tub and not just a shower stall in our little place I would gladly use them straight from the freezer - even if they melt too fast it won't bug me...but nope, no tub here...perhaps a little swimming pool in a month or two would work?

My initial thought was: For real, is someone kidding me?  Because it was fairly cool in here - like MAYBE 75 - 80 degrees - MAYBE....IF that warm!  Let's just say I sweat like my ex-racehorse and I was NOT sweating when I caught them melting....I DOUBT it was that warm in here! Then I realized: This will never do, oh no, can't have bath melts that melt in people bathrooms BEFORE they hit the tub! Good thing we only made a few of each right?  That's what test runs are for folks! Now what to do with the gloppy mess? Back in the freezer - what else could I do?  Power or not it was still cold enough in there to firm them back up and stop the dripping at least!

I wanted a picture SO bad!  I stuck them back in the freezer - if I remember I will get one later when I feel like trooping out there...I am hoping I can at least remelt them (not that much effort will be required there right?) and add a bit of stuff (beeswax really since they are pretty close to what I make already here for lotion bars) and make the "lotion bars" my hubby loves so much for his ucky man feet out of them!

So the tally at this point is Bath Stuffs 1 - ME 0!  I fully intend to conquer this prior to Christmas failed batch at a time! Perhaps better luck shall be mine when there is no ice cream to distract me and no power outage to frazzle my nerves?  Maybe they sat forgotten too long and too many times and took it personal?  Who knows...all I know is NONE of those recipes are gonna work :P

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