Thursday, May 2, 2013

Billy goat Buzz - the new version!

Yup - finally caved and added fragrance to the coffee soap instead of coffee.  SMELLS WONDERFUL!

Made a video - getting better a bit - though it still takes me literally the entire next day to post it.  Gotta love that super slow country internet we have out here! T E D I O U S as heck waiting on it to do it's thing!

And yes...had a "uhoh" moment there - camera slipped outta position, stick blender is a tad bit wonkey and cannot be trusted to set still and was stuck in soap and I had 2 hands when I needed 3!  Just, don't do that at home folks!  I was all alone and not trying to edit videos and splice them together yet - heck, I'm doing good to get it up as one video....

Slowly, I am getting better at the whole camera thing....really probably just need a real one complete with a tripod for all the stuff I want videos's coming...

It seems like there was something else important to go along with this I wanted to say...hmm...nope, forgot...been having lots of spacy moments when I write these days (my mind is on those baby goats about to be born mostly).

Wasn't too happy with the top at first, but I got a few good pics and it's growing no me.  The flash kind of washed out the "wet look" and since it was actually late at night a while back now when I made it withOUT the flash the colors aren't right...oh well, all the photos are still pretty in their own way I suppose AND the Top came out better than I thought (yes just a sprinkling of real coffee is on there - it's the only real coffee though):


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