Sunday, May 19, 2013

Some new fragrances :)

Made a short little video the other day, got some supplies from WSP, and a few fragrances from Rustic Escentuals
I decided on the Pink Sugar "SNC" version after checking with my lab rats...I mean test subjects...I mean friends LOL.  More Coffee House because that one just ROCKS! And Cherry Almond as I was getting low....AND...I got a small bottle each of "Malibu Heat Type" and "Sweet Grass and Cedar"...

The Malibu Heat type I really like - very summery - and the sweet grass and cedar...hmmm...not too sure WHAT I think at the moment LOL.  But it's just a small sample and I will make a small batch of soap and see what others think.

I find the longer I soap, the less my nose can pick stuff apart. Probably because the whole house is filled with the multiple aromas of multiple soaps curing in there :) down...MANY more videos to go LOL


  1. Have fun with your new goodies, those fragrances all sound so nice, especially the Malibu Heat!

  2. Interesting about your comment of the scents. I have noticed that sometimes all my soap sometimes tend to blend to one fragrance as well! LOL