Sunday, May 12, 2013

Soap Class AND Goat Midwifery 101 :)

Let's just say it has been a CRAZY busy week!  Like that song by Adam Sandler - we have had 8 CRAAAAZY nights!  But, it's been good :)

Taught a soap class a week ago Sunday - and it was one of the best groups of people ever I think!  Heck, they are all pretty great :)  Had a ton of fun, nothing too exciting though...just soap class...THEN....

Monday morning I had a class scheduled...turns out her husband had been teasing her about baby goats coming during class.  AND ONE DID!  Yup, with just minutes of class left I heard it - SOMEONE was having a baby!  So they got a "two-fer" LOL!

Look what we got, a 7lb 6oz girl!
Tuesday I was WHOOPED!  It had been a long few days...THEN Wednesday I got up and shortly there after look what else I got! AN 8lb 14 oz girl!  THAT'S BIG!
NadaLottaRanch Diamond Bar and NadaLottaRanch Dixie Chicken have arrived :)  SO THEN....

Thursday I got stuck in the storm of the year here coming home - it was AWFUL! Dorothy's house flew by! The oak threw another limb at me:
And yes, the broken down fridge is STILL in the yard - gotta get that bad boy outta here this week.  The whole world flooded for a bit:
That would be "Lake NadaLotta Drainage" there...actually it's drying up nicely NOW...but it was DEEP as the water came so fast and so hard! It could be worse though, someone (NOT ME I SAY) lost their carport:
It was VERY BAD! So bad in fact we spent over TWO DAYS IN THE DARK!  Yup, you read that power from Thursday afternoon until Saturday morning!  Sure...we had a teaser where the lights came on for an hour Friday night...but then they oh so eerily blinked off and on and off and on for a few minutes before FINALLY going out! CREEPY!  Kinda like they WANTED to stay on but just couldn't :(

It's okay, they came back and SLOWLY we are cleaning back up again...funny how being without power the house goes straight to hell.  Yup, I said it, straight there...

So...I have some major soapy catchings up to do LOL...videos and pics and stories to post and share...but I admit, it has been a LONG week :)  YAY for babies though!  Got my hands full there for a bit as well - little ones are a handful!  It was so scary dark the nights without power they got to bunk with mama...look close:
I kept everyone safe and close by when it was super dark lights to keep the coyotes and such away!

So...apologies for being absentee - partly I was busy and partly I was in the dark...more soapy fun to follow ya'll!


  1. Aw, look at those cute babies! Congrats!!!

  2. How cute! I think it's neat how your lights turn off at times. I bet it helps with your creative thinking. I notice that I tend to get more ideas flowing when the TVs and all other distractions are off :)

    1. ROFL! It's all fun and games until you realize there are SEVERAL prisons right down the road...who probably don't have power coming in either...and THEN all the charm of candle light is gone :P You're right though, when there is nothing else to do I sit around and think a LOT - I am seriously all ready for Christmas now with all the plans I have in my head at the moment!