Monday, March 4, 2013

A reward and a review....

About...oh...I dunno...5 months ago now I guess, I did a "tutorial" for one of my favorite soaping supply companies.  I had sat down one fine fall day to order supplies for the coming Christmas season, only to discover that they were offering a "reward" for doing a had one in mind that was PERFECT!  Whipped soap!  It's super easy to work with, almost fool proof really for beginners, and great for playing with fragrances that may seize and away I went...

My whipped soap tutorial can be seen here.  It took a bit to get it just right, a few emails back and forth and VOILA!  Something I created is up for all the world to see - I was very excited at the time and proud as heck...and then life happened and I forgot about it :(

Minor crisis here at the house, holidays approaching, goats kidding, the stupid kitchen, learning to grow fodder....all these things took over for a bit.  Then, yesterday, I sat down to place some more orders for spring time soaping supplies and it hit me - I never heard back after they had published the tutorial!  So I sent an email, and being Sunday, I fully expected it to be a day or 2 before I heard back from anyone.  Well, within NO TIME I tell you I had a reply AND a coupon code!  Same day even - I was so not expecting that due to the weekend! Way cool, very awesome service there, and well played!  So yay for soap supplies with a big discount right?

I will say this though, in all honesty now, YAY FOR A SUPPLIER THAT VALUES THEIR CUSTOMERS! seems that in the world of oils, lye, fragrances and dyes, well, the suppliers are all much more concerned with doing GOOD business and not just business!  At least, the ones I use are and that is really special to me :)  They get right on customer service questions, are highly available and fairly quick to ship out as well and I appreciate that a BUNCH!  There are some places I use for "goat stuff" that take ages to ship an order, but are the only ones that carry certain items, and just plain frustrate me in their lack of ability to communicate.  With my soap supplies this is not so. I have heard of a few with crummy service, and I have stayed away from them admittedly, but all in all, most are pretty awesome.  Certainly, Rustic Escentuals tops the list after yesterday!

If you are looking for a place to get great scents from, and few other essential things Rustic Escentuals is the place!  They have a huge section of tutorials available for learning which is free to use and nice to have on hand, a ton of fun scents, and offer GREAT customer service!  They are geared a bit more towards candle making too - so be careful that any scents you buy for body stuff are "body safe" scents...but that's not a bad thing especially if you like candle making! I'm thinking I need to take that up this year...we'll see...but I often get requests for candles and if I can find the time to add it to my day I know for sure where I will go to for my supplies!

Anyways, guess it's time to get off of here and go do something productive with my day right? to stay out of trouble today :P

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