Friday, March 22, 2013

I think I wanta take the "Soap Challenge"...

Okay, so if you know about soap, I bet you know about Great Cakes Soap Works .  Not only does she have an awesome blog going, but an amazing youtube channel full of nifty awesome videos as well.  Being a house that no longer does traditional cable but instead uses a "Roku" box I tend to spend my tv time watching other soapers and such on youtube - I don't get a lot of sit down time with running the farm ya know? And soap videos are usually shorter than a movie and thus I can commit to them easier :)  Anyways, point being if you haven't seen her stuff you SO need to go check it out!  Just awesome soapy wonderfulness!

So...this whole "Soap Challenge thing" right?  What is that?  Well...basically it's being challenged to try out something new each week for a few weeks with your soap making skills - and 2 of the things on this years challenge are ones I SO have been meaning to try out!  Leopard spotted soap (which I believe I mentioned prior) and the "Elemental swirl".  I have been meaning to get in the soap room and give these things a this kind of gives me the incentive to make sure I do before the goats start kidding :) I think the hardest part will be holding back and not running in there to make all of them now LOL :)

I say that joking AND in all honesty - I don't know if I can wait for the final week because the final week is the week of the next goat show and while I am more than likely not going to be showing any goats I am going to be taking some "me time" to travel to it which requires a ton of work to prep for leaving this place for a weekend.  AND THEN I have baby goats due that I have to get ready for (the earliest they should be here is the Monday after the last soap is due but there is much prepping to be done and udders to be shaved and such) I dunno...I asked tonight if it is cheating if we skip ahead a bit. We will have to see what the answer is.  I figure I already have a plan in mind for the Leopard I could do that one the week she has scheduled "off" and post it and then it won't be on my plate the week I am prepping for "Goat Madness".  Fingers crossed she says yes to it!

I am so excited!  I keep meaning to start being active in stuff and this year I think I am finally finding balance between the farm and the "outside world" - it's hard to squeeze in people to your life when you have so much animal stuff to do, but I am gonna try!


  1. I'm sure it won't be a problem if you have to get them ready ahead of time. I'm really looking forward to the soap challenge too, it's the kick in the pants that I need to try some of the other techniques!

    1. Madame Great Cakes said "YES"!!! Soo excited! Gonna head on in and make some soap in a while...tiger stripey soap ;) WooHoo!