Wednesday, March 13, 2013

On a roll...Sleepy Time is saponifying as I type...

Actually, it's a fragrance called "Bed Time Bath"....but I am undecided if I want to call it "Sweet Dreams" or "Sleepy Time".  I know some people feel you should use the original name of a fragrance as your name - but to me it's a bit like cheating when I soap a dupe (short way of saying copy of a scent) and I don't give the name a new spin.  I mean, come on now...I'm already using a scent another big name brand froo froo fancy pants place markets, the very least I can do is call it something else right?

There it is, just before I stuck it in the freezer for a bit...when I unmold and cut it I'll be sure to post pics.  On my camera you can barely see the pale lavender shimmery swirly top - it's much prettier and more vibrant in person though.  It's a Nature's Garden fragrance, smells just like the real deal, behaved pretty well in my soap too :) I'll leave ya'll guessing on how the inside looks...for now...but soon there will be a new picture! Let's just say I am keeping my fingers crossed that I managed to whip up 2 of the most perfect colors EVER and I'm keeping my toes crossed that I can get them just right like that again next time I soap this scent...because there will be a next time with this one. It's just that heavenly to smell.

I must say I love this one and anticipate it flying out of here pretty fast - it's a classic for sure and one of the few floral things I like to boot! Until next time my friends....

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