Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Goats Eat Oats...

Well, my goats used to eat oats - but now they eat fodder and that my friends is a whole different blog!  Actually...that's what I call oatmeal, milk and honey soap - "Goats Eat Oats" - and it's turned out just scrum-diddly-umptious!

The white is a portion I didn't put any honey or oats into because to me it represents the goat milk in it visually...that honey has a strange way of making what my husband calls "caramel soap" LOL...he really likes the color and texture of this one.  Since he is mostly color blind I figure it's a good thing he can pick out the colors and contrasts in this bar as he asks for it more than any other.  He also has wicked allergies and never asks for anything by it's proper scent and when you top that with being color blind half the time when he wants a particular bar I make him walk in the soap room and say "Just point at it!!!"  But when he says he wants my caramel soap I know he means this one.  He also calls it the "no wash cloth bar" sometimes because of the ground oat flour in it - he travels for work and some hotels he gets stuck at have crummy towels so he takes this one with him when he leaves hence "no wash cloth" is needed due to it's natural exfoliating scrubbiness.  A welder needs all the scrubbiness he can get from a bar of soap some days too, so it's a really REALLY good thing he likes this one right?

The honey comes from a local producer out of Lovelady.  A place named Lovelady HAS to make some great honey right?  I sure do like it anyways...it's hard to stay out of the honey stash when it's this good and we have a strict rule here.  If you get caught dipping in my soap honey I will get a bee hive so we ALWAYS have honey.  Hubby isn't fond of bees so he stays outta my stash...

And finally cut, edges raw, but in bar form with morning light streaming in to blind me...I need to start cutting stuff later in the day I think...just a few white swirls inside to match the top and all kinds of naturally soothing and exfoliating oatmeal goodness plus the ever present goat milk and honey! MMMMmmmm....scrum-diddly-umptious I said!

Nope, no fragrances, no froo froo colors or such.  I like my few "natural" bars that I make to be all the way natural as much as possible.  I know... I KNOW!  The oatmeal honey fragrances are delicious!  But this one really has a light, slightly oaty smell all of it's own that I love :)

I actually made this a few days ago now - been side tracked by spring cleaning the outside of the house the last few days - but I just think that this batch came out lovely with honey from Lovelady and milk from my herd  (and ground oats from WalMart because I am not that kind of farmer...) :)


  1. What a gorgeous looking soap, and how nice to have the local honey and milk in it! Love the name too!

  2. Thank you :) I always think of that rhyme when I make it..."Goats eat oats and shoats eat oats and little lambs eat ivy...." you know?