Sunday, March 3, 2013

I'm finally starting to take my soap and lotion making and such to another level this year - I will be adding a line of classes for friends and family to my routine, adding a delicious new sugar scrub or two to my products, and per a friends request may be developing a natural type deodorant even!  It's amazing how as time goes by I find more and more that I want to do with myself and my products - I always figured I would stay small and simple.  But, now as I see things grow and change, my desire to take things to a new level has as well :)

I would love to teach others how to make this!

I have several shipments of oils, and jars, and fragrances all waiting for me at our little post office type box that I need to get, a remodel that begs for finishing, and a fabulous set of scents and products to get made in order to gear up for spring! This season's current line up will include the usual soaps and lotions, but my newest thing will be a sugar scrub...details to come once I settle on a recipe LOL.  I have to get my testers out there and feed back first...but I see it being a hit!

I will be making some of the same stand by scents and a few new ones this time.  I will be giving some more floral scents a try...don't know if I can handle them as they tend to give ma headache...but I'm gonna try...and one name "Butterfly Hugs" that actually sounds yummy!  Since it is spring, cucumber melon will be back, and maybe a few more before it is all said and done.  Choosing fragrances is always the hardest part!

Stay tuned for soap making class details and scheduling!  I'm thinking I will offer a 3 hour all inclusive type deal - to cover of course safety and sanitation, easy stuff like a small batch of lotion and a scrub, and then once comfortable working with the scale and measurements I will do a small batch of simple soap.  I want to keep the classes small - ideally 2 to 5 people no more - and everyone will get to take home a bottle of their lotion and scrub and some finished soap perhaps.  I'm still torn on cost, because in order to let people leave with product and cover my own time I have to charge something right? I certainly want to be fair with it I am thinking in the $20 - $40 range...I dunno for sure yet...we will see...I hope to have a tentative test group with feedback coming up soon though! Now away with me to go ready the house for visitors and soaping stories to come!

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