Monday, March 25, 2013

Shopping for the Soap Challenge....

Okay, so all things are a go with the Soap Challenge :)  Happy dance, happy dance, right?  I have most of what I need...kinda...sorta...except I needed to stock up on a few things anyways.  Challenge or not, mama is running low on castor oil and such...and a few new colors here and there never hurt any soapers collection right?  So I logged in to do a little shopping today...

Now...if you know me, you know one of my closest friends has not one, but 2 sons and BOTH are on the "autism spectrum".  I love them to bits - her oldest son who is the most affected is actually my "farm hand" and comes down to help out around the farm all the time!  He enjoys it, and I enjoy the company. He gets a sense of responsibility from helping out, it's a job for him, and I get someone to help drive me towards getting stuff done instead of procrastinating (which I am spectacular at by the way). He's "chomping at the bit" as his mother says, to come down and help out when I am lounging on the couch being is a total win-win for us to be paired up. So, what does this have to do with soap???

Well, one of my favorite go to suppliers is Wholesale Supplies Plus   Not only do they do free shipping (which is glorious on some stuff like oils - the shipping on a jug of palm or coconut oil can be KILLER!), BUT...if you have ever shopped there and paid attention when you go to check out you will realize they do a "donate the change" type thing....and guess where you change goes???  To a charity benefiting AUTISM!!!!!
Why yes, they hit so close to home with that one, I can't help but love them for it! 

There are a million and one good and charitable causes out there, and I am a million and one dollars shy of being able to give to all of them.  But tossing in my change when I can is what I do.  The little collection thing at the McDonalds drive thru window - yup, gets my change.  The jar at the feed store for the guy in the motorcycle accident - it gets my jingle too.  So by adding a "virtual" option similar to that, my winner for the day is Wholesale Supplies Plus! If you too need a few things to do the soap challenge...stop by there and don't forget to let them have your change.  It goes to a good cause :)

Soap and autism...who knew they had anything in common right?

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