Tuesday, March 5, 2013

So it begins...the soap room adventure :)

After living in this house for nearly 2 years now and making slim to minimal progress on, well, a lot - work has begun on the soap room!  No...the kitchen isn't finished...but I needed to get the "soap room" aka "mud room" portion cleaned out and prepped before I felt like I could go any further.  Well...maybe I just felt like I needed to...

The problem is that until now so much of my kitchen has flowed into that little bonus room just off of it that it has become a "catch all spot" - a crap collector if you will...It has a huge laundry type sink in there, perfect for washing the giant pots and pans that do not fit in my tiny kitchen sink.  It has copious amounts of built in shelving - not exactly level slightly crummy shelving, but still...It has the shelving and storage the kitchen lacked (though that has been some what remedied lately). The best part is...drum roll please......it has  DOOR!!!  Yes folks, I have been able to stack junk in there and shut the door and close my eyes to the mess! This is not a good thing though...

I decided last fall that this space with it's bright sunny windows, sink, and shelves would be PERFECT for a REAL soap room! Finally!  A place for all my stuff with running water AND electricity and STORAGE! I was excited and of course, had to make soap right? So...while I managed to shuffle some stuff around, reorganize a bit, and find a place for bars of soap to cure, I hadn't really made it a nice place to be in.  I still had to cart all of my equipment, supplies and oils out to the kitchen to work as actual "counter top space" in there was already awash in, yes, you guessed it, JUNK! I had to shuffle and reorganize just to GET TO STUFF I needed...and the spiders...let's not forget the copious amounts of 8 legged frenemies I have in there.  Yes, they do a job eating things like flies and mosquitoes...but they are just plain creepy and not really high on my list of buddies...

Anyways, I managed to make quite a bit of soaps and lotions until recently when I realized I was drowning in junk again...Something had to give.  Things had to change, you can't be soaping in a funky space! Let me say now, even if you are just a hobby soaper, you NEED a space all your own, safe for your lye and oils and fragrances and what not.  Even if it is just a few shelves in a closet, you should have a nice, neat, organized spot for all your supplies and for soaps to cure.  It just makes it that much easier to keep it together, I'm telling you now.  Have a dedicated space before you begin and you won't be fighting the mess I am now :)

So, this afternoon, once my morning chores were completed, I started in one corner of the soon to be soap room cleaning, prepping, and painting.  Yeah, I know, my kitchen is still not finished and my fridge is still out in the middle of the yard...I know...but I needed to conquer one more small job while I was on a roll to give me strength to get the big one completed!  I'm hoping that the soap room paint will be dry enough by the time the kitchen is done to actually get in there and soap!

Don't worry...there will be pics or maybe even a video tour once I get it how I want it :)  I guess I best head back on in there now and get to work...there's no telling how many more spiders I have to evict before I can finish painting the shelves!

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