Tuesday, April 2, 2013

And Leopards Suck too!

Ok, well, only sometimes.  Basically, I should have known better :(

See now, how THIS one goes is:  I went in on Monday, after a VERY patience trying last few days to soap and unwind....I wanted to go ahead and knock out the leopard spots I had been meaning to do anyways PLUS then I would be all ready to blog and post later on in the soap challenge right?  The picture above was my outcome on Tuesday - VERY respectable I do think :)  I was pleased and dammit all I SHOULD have left well enough alone...but no...

So, tonight, I figure I wanted to do a second batch.  I wanted to gt my spots a little more evenly spread out...

I wanted to get step by step pictures of the process.  But...BUT....BUT!!!! I should have known better!

See, here's the thing.  We live waaaayyyy out in the woods in the boonies - past the boonies actually - and every time a squirrel farts on a light pole the power blinks.  Every time a storm blows through the power blinks.  Tonight it was storming BAD too...and I KNEW better, I really did.  But heck, sometimes you HAVE to live dangerous you know? So into the soap room I go....

Once again, I manage to get ALMOST everything mixed.  My lye and oils have been combined, my base and my yellow have been mixed up and JUST as I go to incorporate the purple color with the soap batter BOOM!!!! The lights flicker, the power tries to go out AND something BIG just hit the roof!!!!  OH NO!!! Something little hit the floor! What you ask?

Oh, you know, nothing major...just a pound of on it;s way to purple love spell scented soap batter!  We have a GIANT oak over the house and when I heard the loud crash I thought the tree was coming down, I saw my life flash before my eyes, and I jumped and knocked my purple-to-be batter off of the counter top and onto the floor.  I froze, in the dark, not knowing where the soap had gone and not wearing shoes!  Socks, yes, shoes, no...I didn't want lye filled soap batter squishing between my toes!

Thankfully, the lights came back on FAST!  And low and behold:
There was my purple-to-be soap batter :(  Always a trooper, I grabbed another plastic jug thing, mixed up a tad more purple out of the white, and swirled it all together...just a plain old swirly mess I think...I dunno...we will see when I cut it.

The moral of the story is:  I can get away with the big cat themes once, but try for twice in the same week they will bite me - HARD!!!!

I'm a little scared to try the next method in the challenge - the house might really fall on me next time!  At least it's not a panther or a lion them...I should be safe right? And, no more soaping in storms...I really did know better when I went in there though :(


  1. Oh my! I was laughing so hard as I read your blog! I am really sorry you had such a trying time. I like your Leopard Soap. I have never done the this technique so I am a little nervous to try.

    1. Really, as long as you don't spill your soap batter, the spots are pretty easy! I liked it, and I can't wait to try it again...but I think it may have to wait a bit...like a week or 2 longer until I just HAVE to try again!