Monday, April 29, 2013

Well shucks ya'll! The month of April has left the building I see...

I TOTALLY spaced it a few weeks back on posting my link for the mica swirl to the Great Cakes soap challenge - but I have been spacing a TON of stuff lately!  We have baby goats arriving left and right LOL, it makes one a little bit CRAZY and flutterpated!

So...I posted the link to the leopard spots challenge one I made a while back just now...can NOT believe I spaced it on the mica lines :(  Oh well...I will admit though, after doing more mica swirl awesomeness I think I have a new favorite soap trick of the moment!

Let's see...hmmm....taught a soap/goat class a few weeks back, made a trip (6+ hour round trip) to get 2 new baby goats. They are the most perfect mini nubian doelings EVER!  Just see for yourself - meet Hannah (the dark haired beauty) and Nugget (the blue eyed bomb shell)!

Then of course all the prep work and stressing over my 2 does that are due - UGH! Waiting on babies to be born is SO stressful!  Mostly for me, the goats don't seem to really care....they take it all one day at a time style....but I am tearing my hair out!

And then...THEN...there's the soap!  Yes, I have found time to sneak in and soap like MAD CRAZY lately!  I don't know what has come over me...but I will have pics a plenty to post!  OH! and I made a video AND I THINK I have conquered youtube finally!  Have to keep working on's another post though really...

So yes, I have been an absentee blogger lately, which I swore I would not do!  But man oh man - I have had so many emails and phone calls and trips and such that were goat related I just couldn't squeeze in time to blog much...but I'll get all caught up, never you fear :)

Speaking of...guess I better go post about that video before I get sidetracked and forget how to work this computer thing-a-ma-jig huh?

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