Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fresher than fresh milk - coming soon!

I know - confused right?  I already have 3 goats I am milking each day.  But guess what! No, guess.....

I have TWO MORE goats due May 4th and the excitement is REALLY building now!  Look:

Above is Pomegranate, big as a house!
And THAT is Lucy's baby belly....
And here is Lucy's sweet face!  I am SOOOO excited!

Just a few more weeks and I will have MORE milk LOL!  And baby goats...which means...any soap not made before May 1st will be on hold until the middle of May if not later.  I bottle raise all my babies (it's a goat CAE prevention thing - herd is negative, but I still practice prevention just in case...) anyways, like I was saying, I bottle raise all my goat kids.  That means for a week or 2 they will be in the house in a play pen until they can go outside into the kid pen.  Everyone knows you can't make soap with kids underfoot - people kids OR goat kids and lye do NOT mix right???

So...I have a batch or 2 to knock out before then and hopefully if I remember preservative some lotion to make!  Oh yes, I forgot to order preservative!  DUH ME!  Working on fixing that...

Now, I have to go start picking out names.  My them this year is the letter "D" and I want to be all set when babies arrive to just finish up their papers - these will be registered and I have a deposit on one doe kid already - and then move along with things.  SO SO SO Excited did I mention that???

So, I had to share...we got babies a-comin'!


  1. Aw, goat babies! Please share pics when they arrive!

    1. I will - they are just too precious! I'm starting to get VERY VERY antsy waiting on them to arrive!