Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Of Possum's and Mica Swirls....

So, Monday evening I got back in the soaping saddle and knocked out another batch of cherry almond soap - because the first batch is officially spoken for and I want more of it - and THEN I got all ambitious and thought I would do the mica swirl tops for the next weekly challenge.  Now, keep in mind, I have done this one before and REALLY liked what I got.  See:

That would be my version of "Vanilla Oak" which I actually call "Rustic" since it looks so homey and rustic with it's natural warm brown that it turns.  I added the swirly green mica top and green mica pencil lines so it would look like this:
Why yes, that IS the oak tree that throws things at my house and scares the snot right out of me at times...but you have to admit is is a gorgeous big ol' tree ain't it?  Something that large just needed a soap designed after it :)  Anyways...

So, like I was saying, I had knocked out my cherry almond soap, and I even made it through the next batch.  Oh yes, I had decided to use Moonlight Pomegranate for the fragrance on my mical swirl tops and it was coming along NICELY!  I walked out to the big freezers, and put my soap in there because I didn't want it getting too hot and cracking (and it was WARM in this house Monday night) and as I turn around to come in the house look what I found:
FOUR - yes 4 - of our barn cats had this teeny little fella under my truck!  He was still up and hissing and that makes him one lucky possum!  If he had been playing possum, I would have walked away - the cats eat stuff all the time! But no, he was fighting to live and SO tiny!  Like fits in the palm of your hand tiny!  Now what to do right? Well...I still had my gloves on from soaping (because I don't want any possum germs I was thinking...what a nerd right?), so I scooped him up by the tail, and imprisoned him in a bucket with a net over the top while I looked around a bit.  No mama to be found :(  Lucky me - I HAVE GOAT MILK!  ALMOST EVERYTHING CAN DRINK GOAT MILK AND SO DOES MY NEIGHBOR! Who, by the way, has doctored on possums before....

 So he was doctored - had a small wound where I am guessing a cat carried him away from his mama and fed a little goat milk and given a mitten to sleep in.  The next day my time was eaten up by finding him the proper rescue place to go to as he can't stay here - we aren't experts like that! But my soap stayed in the freezer, forgotten :( Oh well, at least this little fighter was doing well though!  To survive my cats - and four of them at once - you have to be a fighter when you are that small!

But, needless to say I have just now this morning pulled my frozen soap out of the freezer lol!  At least the world, or the lord, or mother nature or whom ever let me have my soap in peace this time before tossing wild things my way haha!

So, as I wait for my mica swirl to thaw and my camera to charge to get pictures, I figured I would share a bit of the craziness via photo journal of sorts.  Why yes, we have TONS of critters out here, and not all invited!

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