Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New soap cutter = I am in LOVE!

I know, it's just a CHEESE SLICER from Walmart but to ME it is the best $20 I have EVER spent on soap right now!  No really - I am in goat farmer soap maker HEAVEN tonight!

I'm going to have to name it something VERY clever and appropriate - like Jaws LOL!  This bad boy had me all a-flutter when it arrived finally on Monday.  Here in the sticks, we do not carry froo froo fancy pants cheese slicers such as this on the shelves in our Walmarts...oh no...you gotta special order them! It really didn't take it too long to get here - but when you go make 8 batches of soap in anticipation of trying this thing out on arrival it makes the wait that much harder. ESPECIALLY when you usually have no patience in waiting to cut your soaps for more than a day! But I waited...patiently...and I was rewarded :)

I was so happy to see it, I made a video even! Go look....I was positively GIDDY Monday afternoon when it was unpacked!
So then, what I really more than anything in the whole world wanted to do was make a video using it.  But I got all over anxious and forgot :(  Oh yes, I was so excited to go cut soaps I left the camera (aka my "too smart for me phone") in the living room.  I went in and began slicing away...took a couple of bars to adjust to but DANG WOWZA AMAZING!  No, seriously, AMAZING I said! 

Usually I make a batch or 2 at a time and cut then next day right? Takes me about 30-45 minutes to cut them up and my loaves make about 11-12 bars depending on how crooked I cut things.  A little bit off each time affects the end result ya know?  So I go in and start with the guillotine mad crazy chopping slicing and WHOA! NO WAY!  I cut EVERY soapy loaf of goodness in 45 minutes! For me this is AMAZING! I counted - some I did smaller and flat style...so they only make 10 bars in a batch...and the rest I did normal for me and those I get 12 out of right?  Totaled out to 88 bars cut up in 45 minutes and THAT my friends for me is a record!

Who needs a super fancy top of the line tank cutter?  NOT THIS FARMER!!! The time I save is terrific, the money I saved is ANOTHER NEW GOAT LOL!!!!!  (Don't go telling the husband though okay? We're gonna slide that one by him later....) OH and the truly best most fantabulous part here?  MUCH STRAIGHTER BARS!

Why yes, I tend to cut things crooked a smidge....I just am not a "stay between the lines" kinda gal I suppose....but with my new super gizmo I cut straight for the first time ever! HAHAHAHA!!!!

Yup...I have a new toy for soap making and I am officially in LOVE!  Singing songs and such as I go...


  1. I have the same cheese slicer! I love it! I ended up taking a sharpie and making tick marks for a thinner or thicker cuts. Keep on enjoying it!

    1. AWESOME to know about the sharpie! I was thinking about it...but I was worried it would rub off on the soaps :( I'm gonna get in there and "mark it up" now lol :)