Friday, April 12, 2013

Welders and Goat Milk Soap...what a MESS!

In a good way LOL, but still...the guys my husband works with crack me up! He's a welder you see - we aren't talking about "mild mannered suit and tie office workers".  Oh no, these are hard core rough neck types, and they are a HOOT to sell soap too!

I packed the hubby up with a few baskets of soap this morning before he headed out.  He called me about lunch time with the tally on sales - which was pretty awesome - and THEN he rattled off everyone's suggestions:

  1. make more camouflaged soap - I've done a batch or 2 before and wouldn't mind doing it again.
  2. Make a Houston Texans soap - um, no can do...I can do the colors as a theme, but not embeds, I'm not embed kinda gal right?
  3. Make a John Deere soap - I think I have the perfect fragrance all picked out, can do.
  4. Make a Harley Davidson soap - sure, got to pick a scent, but I can do that I think, color wise at least.

The list went on for a bit, THEN he told me what everyone had bought.  One guy bought "Monkey Farts" for his wife without even smelling it - just because he liked the name! Cracked me up! Another  bought the NG fresh outdoors scent I call Country Skies and after leaving it in his car decided he needed to leave it there and not shower with it because it smelled so good!  Okay, it's your soap now, though I suggest showering with or without it I said to tell him...hehehe....and THEN I found out this little tid bit!

Guess what, no really, GUESS!  Now, keep in mind hubby work for a HUGE company on a HUGE complex way out in the big city - well- guess what they do a few times each year?  Oh yeah baby, they host a huge craft fair thing for employees and their families!  FREE!!!  You go, you get a table and you sell your stuff while people come and mingle through out the day.  Did I mention it's a SUPER huge complex???? of the office ladies - who also bought some soap - is going to get me an email with the info!  How exciting :)  I love free stuff and free stuff where I can make a little money - even if it's not a ton - is TEE-TOTAL-RIFFIC! 

So...perhaps later I will see about posting some pics of the soaps I cut today.  I am VERY excited with the "Key Lime" soap - can't wait until that one is ready as it is FANTABULOUS for real I declare!  And my mica swirl - OH SO PRETTY!  Came out how I envisioned it so perfect too!  Okay, guess I better get outside and go feed the herd.  But a nice pleasant day was had AND not only did I make a little $$$ but I also got some gardening in :)


  1. That will be neat for you to be able to do the craft fair. I work in a hospital and every year they allow the employees to sell their handmade products. I am getting myself ready for the end of the year when it's done. It will be lots of fun and extra cash for the holidays :)

  2. How exciting about the craft fair, it sounds very much meant to be! Can't wait to see your Key Lime and mica swirl soap!

  3. Thanks ya'll - I am excited! I think have started to like getting out in the world again so to speak and it is indeed fun and oh yes that extra $$$ is sweet!