Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rosemary ROCKS!

No, really, that's what I shall call this one :)  Happy dance, happy dance! Actually, last time I made rosemary mint, I did a hot process castile soap with just a green swirl in.  I used a fo from Rustic Escentuals and it was a hit with everyone, even me! (And I don't really like herbal-ish things much...though they are growing on me).  Everyone loved it and I initially just wanted to make another batch...HOWEVER....

My luck this last week or 2 with "remakes and round twos" has been poor to say the least.  Flat out pitiful and bad to be honest.  I also had a decent bit of less than lovely, crooked, odd sized bars that needed to be dealt with.  Mostly my version of castile, mostly plain with no real color...I did have a box of scraps and shavings kicked aside too....hmmmm.....

Since I have been playing around and reading more and more blogs, I came across this one in particular over, again, at Greatcakes Soap Works.   Now, when I rebatch I don't usually go adding stuff in, I just melt it down, add fragrance and plop it in the mold.  Heck, most times I just melt it down and mold it up, cutting it into bars of stuff I can use around here to bath critters and wash my hands! But sometimes I get a tad creative and scent it pretty like...

BAM!!!  That's when it hit me!  Since I had so much mostly plain soap, and since rosemary mint is a mostly natural kind of smell (I still use a fragrance oil - not really big into natural stuff beyond the goat milk, just not my thing) anyways, BAM I said!

In light of the current trend of multiple rounds of soap turning out to be doomed...I decided to do something different and THIS is what I got:

I shall call it "Rosemary ROCKS!" A) Because it looks like rocks and B) Because it does!  LOVE that smell too!  So, I suppose I have had 2 wins in one day and I have a third one to share, but I am saving it for another evening... I am in love with how it looks like my kitchen counters (even though they are formica and not granite lol)...To me, this one says "herbal" when you see it!

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