Friday, April 5, 2013

My new colors came!

And I totally forgot about them!  Well...not really...but as I was having a cry baby poor me moment (due to crazy happenings 'round the homestead) they got overlooked!

Until recently, I have been pleased to work with just a few basic colors for my soaps.  You know, the old stand by type stuff.  Ultramarine blue and purple, titanium dioxide (lovingly called "TD" by many a soaper), black oxide....nothing fancy really.  I've been content to work with just a few basic colors - until I started really paying attention to what other soapers were up to that is...

When Madame Great Cakes (Amy at Greatcakes Soap Works...she's another great one too) anyways, when she posted the next soap challenge I decided after looking around I really needed to start investing in some more exciting colors!  I admit this also:  I have a hang up/fetish for purples, blues and greens!  Yellow, orange, red....ehh....not so much my favorite things! It's part of why I have been content to work in more basic colors - all the fancy, pretty, bright stuff has never really held my attention that long, I had plenty of purple and blue stuff to keep me content. I also have a few greens and some white that do fall under the "mica" category...but no fancy reds or yellows.  Hmmm.... I finally had to admit it was time for me to round things out a bit, play with some more interesting micas and what not...

Upon hearing the call for another soap challenge, I FINALLY ordered some more colors!  Not much, just a pink, and 3 micas that have caught my eye several times at Brambleberry.  I had always passed on them until the other day, and I finally committed and placed the order.  When they arrived I stared at their beauty in their jars for easily 30 minutes - afraid to open them for fear my butterfingers would spill them or a sneeze would send the contents floating into the air! I was then tempted to open then and poke at them a a kid, I wanted to rub them all over the house like little bright spots of color on the walls! How silly right?  But I was all "ooh and aahhh" about it - color has not really been my thing right?

There are my new little soapy soldiers, all lined up in a row while I stare at them - you can't see it, but the goats are staring back (probably wondering if they are edible...).

After making a few batches of soap now, well, I AM HOOKED!!!! I think I need more of these "micas" lol!  Not only is it really nice to be broadening my own little horizons - but it's fun to have the rainbow in my soap room! I didn't realize what I had been missing! I need more MORE MORE I tell you! Especially pinks and reds - I have been missing out on pinks and reds.  Notice, I am still not really excited about yellow/orange...nope, they are the neglected color choice around here :(

Then once again BAM!  It me like a freight train!  As I was reading the link up/blog for Amathia Soapworks version of the tiger stripes challenge (and bear in mind she was "The One" who inspired it - another VERY clever and amazing soaper indeed!)  I thought to myself "Ok!  I NEED these colors!"  Not just one soaper, but several have mentioned the same colors from the same company - The Conservatorie - in several blogs and videos.  Yup, ruby red, tangerine, magic yellow, apple green, blue kamikaze, and cosmo martini are all on the shopping list.  I have also challenged myself to find one more each of:  red/pink, yellow/orange.  Yes, I consider red/pink one category and yellow/orange another...I know, it's kinda sorta like cheating a bit.  But the budget (and my soap room) can only hold so much at one time haha!

 I am giving myself the weekend to decide on things, and placing my order Monday.  I think I need to go buy some new organizing stuff - perhaps that shelving I had mentioned a month or 2 ago???  That's the only issue I have so far with a new obsession - housing it!  This place is tiny and the soap room is the smallest room of all....

So, now that I have developed a new "habit" to feed - the only problem I see - is where am I going to keep all of this stuff?


  1. Such pretty (and shiny!) new colors! Thanks for the tip about the Conservatorie...they have some amazing colors!

  2. I just recently ordered from The Conservatorie and I really like the new Micas I picked out. I bought a gold, blue, hot pink and peach. I am loving them so much I think I am going to go back and order more colors as soon as I build more funds in my soaping budget

  3. I STILL haven't placed my order yet! I keep going back, and changing my mind, and then changing it back..AHHHHH!!!! It's SO hard! I know I want certain ones (listed above) but I keep adding others! I need to sit down today and make a decision LOL :)