Tuesday, April 2, 2013

See, what had happened was....

I started out to make "Tiger Stripes" and ended up with "gloppy forgotten hot ass mess" - seems if tiger stripes are the intended goal, then I am gonna need some better fencing!  Fencing you ask?  YES, FENCING!

So...the other day...I go in to make my rendition of tiger stripes in soap.  I have some red and yellow clays from Brambleberry I want to use and this "Little Black Dress" fo from Rustic Escentuals I have used before...I figure since I already made a tiger stripe in "Black Tie" from Nature's Garden (which I refer to as "City Slicker") I will do a "City Slicker for her version....

My goats however disagreed with THAT plan! As I was saying..........

It was a GORGEOUS DAY outside and I had the front door open to catch a little of that in the house.  Nice breeze, lovely weather, just enjoying the day.  I go in, I set up everything, get my lye and oils going like a team of soapy goodness, split the batch, mix in the yellow clay and JUST as I finish mixing in the red I hear CLOMP CLOMP clompclompclompclomp!!!!!!!  Now wait a minute, there should be NO clomping of hooves!!! Here's where it gets good, I ALMOST wish I had been doing a video, except the amount of bleeps needed would be excessive to say the least!

I spin around, and what do I see?  The faces of 3 goats staring back at me - IN MY KITCHEN!!!  Initially, I freak, I shut the door to the soap room and just pause.  What do I do?  Do I soap on?  NOOOOO!!!!  The bedroom door is open too!  From the window in my soap room door, there go 3 of the goats - ON MY BED!!!  NOOOO!!!!And where are the other 2 goats from that pen????

So, in a fit of super pissed off, the gloves and goggles come off and out I go...seems that somehow the girls have managed to DESTROY the pen the bucks never could!  There's a board cracked in half and the chance for escape was taken!!!  I stood there - livid - for just a second.  Well, actually closer to 5 minutes, while the offenders clamored around me for attention.  I had soap waiting to be poured after all...and so I shuffled the does onto the back porch (which is also a goat maternity ward and such at times and currently houses my spoiled "in milk does".  Yeah, sure, Willow the Mean is out there - I didn't care.  I let her whoop on the yearlings while I returned to my soap...my sad, gloppy, now been sitting there for probably half an hour at least soap.  Because for some reason, once you want to catch a goat THEY KNOW IT!  Took me a bit to round them up - they KNEW I was hot!

As I was saying - I returned to my now nearly solidified and saponified soap batter. I proceeded to glop it into the mold.  Let me add here - I LIKE my tiger stripes a bit thicker, but not that thick!  The only photo I got of the process was the end...take a closer look:

Not all the glitter in the world can make it better....
Not all the clever posing helps....the goats ruined my tiger stripes!  Actually, to be honest, the goats and a combo of my crappy fencing ruined my tiger stripes :(

So instead, I give you from the week before this:
This would be the one I mentioned - "City Slicker" - aka "Tiger Stripes UN-interrupted!"

So yes, I have been pouting and not soaping much, and yes...oh yes...I have one more reason why the "Big Cats" and I don't mix.  That story will come in a few days time I think....let's just say there's a VERY good reason I don't use glass when I soap...

AND YES, I made the black and white BEFORE I knew about the challenge and NO I don't care :P (I'm still a little pouty about spending a day fixing fences and what happened tonight...but that is another story all together...)


  1. I had so much fun reading this story! The first soap is actually beautiful,no matter it is not classic tiger styled,and the second one is gorgeous!

  2. Wow! What a story!! I don't think any of the rest of us could come up with anything nearly as entertaining as all that! The soap was salvaged - and even looks a LOT like a tiger stripe, even if it was interrupted and the first one proves you know what you're doing. :) Here's to hoping the fence holds this week for your elemental swirl!

  3. The second soap is so beautiful!!!

  4. Thanks ya'll :) I think I conquered the elemental swirl tonight - NO interruptions! We will see when I cut it right?? Happy dance, happy dance I was able to get something done LOL :)

  5. Both soaps are amazing and so is your story :D

  6. Love your tiger striped soap, it's amazing!

  7. Classic! I needed to read this story after my near disaster last night with the elemental swirl. #117 Tina's Essentially Made Soap.

  8. This is pretty funny! I really enjoyed your story! Both soaps are really nice but I must say that the second one is beautiful!

  9. Oh my!!! That's hilarious! I've had my share of mid soaping disasters too! I few years back I was making a very large batch of soap that was to be used as favors for a big fundraiser my kids' school was running. It was late morning, and for some reason my husband had not left for work yet. My oldest child was homeschooled and had been outside on his skateboard. My hubby, in suit and tie, decided to join him... on the skateboard, and promptly broke his arm! He came in clutching his arm, saying he thought it was broken. At first I thought "baby", but when I looked at it I realized he was probably right. I had this huge project that I was in the middle of, and all I could think was how the school PTO had paid for all of the ingredients I was using. My poor husband drove himself to the hospital. He eventually needed surgery on the arm because he broke it in such a bad spot. Your story is MUCH funnier!

  10. By the way, your first batch of soap turned out gorgeous in spite of those naughty goats! Not as stripy as the second project, but seriously, just as beautiful!

    1. Thank You :) I am liking it more and more now....the top is nifty I think :) Silly goats, you should have seen what they did today! Escape again....but at least I wasn't soaping this time!